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Vision Studios has officially been closed to the public and is going through the process of relocation and reorganization.
There were so many fun and memorable times during the years as the studio grew and became successful. Many factors contributed to this success and by far the greatest accomplishments were those personal relationships that were formed and molded. Good times, good relationships and good memories are forever. For those who never had the opportunity to record at Vision Studios, it was more than just recording albums and filming, it was also a chance to relax, network with others, create, strategize, learn and share game... Just ask those that know.
This site is now dedicated to preserving the history, the life, the times, of the many who made and shared in the memories of Vision Studios. Some are known and most will probably never be known - so goes the life.
This site will remain functioning indefinitely. There is much info, pics and video that hopefully will be added later to further show a part of history that can never be forgotten.

And finally for those who want to know why...

Understanding is everything. Understanding is acquired through learning. Learning is essential for survival and growth. Growth is change. Change is life.

Never stop learning. - you will shrivel up and die.

Ken Favors
Founder & CEO

Contact me here to inquire about project work (audio,video & film), consulting (project or business development), or just to say 'whats happnin'...

ken favors
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